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Introductory Steps To Help Get You Started With Cyprus Jobs.

Account Settings


For Employers and Recruiters

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For Candidates

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About Cyprus Jobs

What is

It’s a completely free job website allowing companies and recruiters to post jobs and find an ideal candidate as per their requirements.

Account Setting

How Do I Register An Account And Log In?

You can create an account by pressing the register button in the site header and filling all necessary fields. Or, press register and click on the social icon button, and you will be automatically logged in with your social account details.

I Forgot My Password. How Do I Retrieve My Password?

Click on the “Forgot Password?” link on the bottom of the login section. Enter your username or email address and You will receive a link to your email address to create a new password.

How Can I Update My Account Details Like Password, Email, Phone Number?

Login to your account and click on “My Profile” or “Company Profile”, update fields and click save.

How To Delete My Account From Your Website?

Login to your dashboard, click on “My Profile” or “Company Profile”, scroll to the bottom and you will find “Delete Account” button. When you press “Delete Account” you will see a notification: “Are you sure you want to delete your account? Note, this operation can not be undone!”, click “Yes” and your account with all your data will be deleted.

For Employers and Recruiters

How Many Jobs Can I Post For Free?

You can post an unlimited number of jobs. Our job portal is completely free.

How Do I Update The Information On My Company Profile?

First You have to log in, open your dashboard and click on “Company Profile”. Complete the form and click the update button.

Who Can See My Company Profile?

Your company profile is visible to everyone. A link to your company profile is displayed on Companies page and under your jobs description. Users can see your company logo, description and the backlink to your company website. However, your e-mail address is not visible to avoid spam bots.

As An Employer, How Do I Post A Job?

  • Create an account by pressing this Link
  • Once logged in, on your homepage, tap the Post a Job
  • Upload your company logo, fill the company description field and follow the sections to complete the job details.
  • Preview your job post before it is posted
  • Agree with Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.
  • Click “Submit”

How Do I Edit My Job Posting?

  • On the homepage click on your company icon in the top right corner and tap on “Manage Jobs”
  • In the section “Action” tap the pencil “Edit Job” icon
  • Select the section you would like to edit
  • Scroll down to the bottom and save the changes

How Do I Pause Or Remove My Job Posting?

  • On the homepage click on your company icon in the top right corner and tap on “Manage Jobs”
  • In the section “Action” tap “Unpublish Job” icon next to the pencil icon (The job will be unpublished immediately)
  • To Delete job, click on the “Trash” icon (You will see the notification: “Are you sure?” and click Yes. Removed jobs cannot be restored)

How Long Will It Take For My Job To Show Up On Your Website?

A new job posting will automatically appear on

How Long Will My Job Post Remain Active On The Site?

Expired jobs are visible to everyone, but they marked as “Expired Job”. You can make them inactive or delete in your dashboard in the “Manage Jobs” section.

How Can I Track All Candidates Who Have Applied To A Job With My Company?

When candidates apply for a job, you can find applications in the “Manage Applications” section. You will see how many candidates applied for a job, their contact details and cover letter. Also, you will receive a notification to your email.

How Do I Attract More Candidates?

The performance of the job post is based on a lot of factors and varies depending on the industry as well as the location of the job. So please make sure you provide clear and detailed job descriptions and titles. We run social media advertising campaigns every day and we promote your jobs and your company profile on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and other platforms.

For Candidates

How Do I Apply For Jobs On

Candidates can apply for a job without registration. (You will not be able to track your applications)

    • Candidate can click apply button below job description and fill the form: name, email address, phone number, cover letter and attach resume file.
    • Candidates can apply with Facebook account, by pressing “Apply via Facebook” button below job description. If you apply with Facebook, you do not have the option to attach a resume and enter a phone number.

If you register an account as a candidate, then you will have the option to manage your applications and many other options.

How To Convert My Document To A PDF And How I Can Reduce The Size Of The PDF Document?

The best way to convert document to a PDF (From Microsoft Word) is to go to File > Save as, and choose PDF option in the drop-down menu of file type. One more method is to go to File > Print > Print As PDF document.

If you want to reduce the size of the PDF document, you can open a file with Adobe Acrobat Reader and go to File > Save As > Reduced Size PDF option.


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