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Job Overview

Email Marketer / Email Copywriter

A performance-marketing agency based in Limassol is looking for an EMAIL copywriting specialist – a creative and strategic thinker with a deep understanding of subject lines, calls to action and writing amazing and engaging copy that slays KPIs.

You have a strong understanding of email marketing copywriting (as opposed to content writing) and you are well-versed in the optimisation tactics that drive sales. You’re always looking for new ways to resonate with an audience and you have a strong understanding of the intricacies of email copywriting.

Your writing reflects a flawless translation of business requirements, but you aren’t afraid to push back when you feel like something’s not right. You also have the versatility to alter your style of writing and tone of voice from assignment to assignment. You love brainstorming new copy strategies to engage and influence behaviour through words. You pride yourself on your ability to generate results from your writing and can reference metrics to demonstrate those results. You have a deep understanding of email marketing, how to write emails that convert, and how to hit it off immediately with a customer through copy.

We’re looking for someone with a growth mindset who’s constantly looking to improve and learn new things. You’ll work across the entire scope of our email marketing project.

Phase One: Copywriting

Success in this part of your role means that you take full ownership of ensuring that all completed copy meets our standards in terms of quality, strategy, voice and tone.

You understand and contribute to the creation of internal tools and standards such as templates, QA checklists, copy guides, etc. This part of the role is about standards, execution, and independence.

Phase 2: Editing & Optimization

In this part of your role, you’ll be charged with applying what you learn from your optimization experiments to enhance the effectiveness of our work. This part of the role is about an eye for detail, business acumen, strategy, and execution.

You’ll create and implement optimization tests and then document and share result

You’ll use a QA process that scrutinizes the “micro” (gramar, word choice, formatting flow) as well as the “macro” (does this email have clear CTAs that demonstrate the desired intent?)

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Develop, write, and deliver persuasive content to Marketers, such as email marketing, product descriptions, SMS, Push Notification.
  • Create eye-catching headlines and innovative short form content.
  • Analyze all content statistics marketing data that is generated by the marketers and improve content to increase audience engagement.
  • Collaborate with the marketing teams making sure that all content aligns with overall marketing strategies. Identify areas where KPI’s could be improved.
  • Researching new topics to find unique insights that provide our readers with new, useful information and advice.
  • Own end-to-end creative process from concept to writing and production across all marketing avenues, set KPISs and increase performance through all stages of a customer’s sales journey.
  • An understanding of CRO (conversion rate optimization) and how to incorporate it naturally into the content where appropriate and improve marketing campaigns.
  • Highly organized and able to manage your time to meet deadlines.
  • Highly logical thinker who can work in a team and in a cross functional environment.
  • Ability to analyze email servers and create strategies to improve server reputations.

The Ideal Candidate For This Role: 

  • Must be fully proficient in the English language, this is a must. Additional languages such as German, Italian will be a big advantage but not required.
  • At least 2 years of professional experience writing for online publications as member of internal team or staff member (not looking for heavy freelancing experience)
  • Proven ability to communicate complex topics in ways that are relatable and understandable for readers.
  • Strong sense of urgency and the ability to work under tight timelines
  • Ability to take ownership, prioritize, and efficiently complete tasks in a fast-paced environment
  • You must be organized and have good priority management, and willing to take on new challenges.
  • The work will be viewed by many people each day from all around the world, so you must display a high degree of attention to detail.
  • You must enjoy learning new things about a diverse array of topics each day.
  • Experience in a B2C finance role is preferred

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