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Dcentric Health is a start-up company which has a mission to transform the patient experience of healthcare by leveraging the unique benefits of blockchain to empower patients to have access to understandable, engaging, and complete medical records, and unlocking big data opportunities for medical researchers, governments, and insurers.

Our two state-of-the-art blockchain-powered mobile applications (for patients and doctors) currently cater for clinical laboratory results and are being piloted at the American Medical Center (AHI). These apps enable patients to retrieve all their current and historical laboratory results, gain insights into their results (such as trend analysis on a blood test) and securely share their data with their doctors, being able to manage who has access to their data at any time.  For more information on our apps, see our website: https://myaria.health/

We have recently been grant-funded to develop a Health Data Analytics Platform which would provide advanced insights on the nation’s state of health at an aggregate data level, hence we are recruiting our first employees to initially be part of this project and then to grow with the company as we expand our offering to patients and the medical world.